14 - Famous Super Star John Cena always says to every body You can't see me, but this time angry horse decide to take on John cina and worn him not to mask with it, otherwise it will bite him very badly.  

only legends will find it funny

13 - This funny meme is about Big Boss 12 Contestant Shreesant and shurbhi rana. where shree is making fun on surbhi telling about problem hiring house maid and surbhi replays that she is not gonaa do maid work at his home. 
12 - here 2 African guys telling an important massage to whole world that if you are unhappy with your average looks then just look at us and say thanks to god. be happy what you are.   

11 - here girl is eating her stomach out, boy friend is telling her that do you wish me to pay your dinner bill with cleaning restaurant dishes?

10 -  this image is about gold digging, where girl is angry because boy is staring her, but when he tells about the diamond ring girl smartly covers up her arrogance. 

9 -  Brock is in the fun mood, girl is saying my parent grow me up strong so i can shout, this is my strength Brock replays that don't lie, i know where your strength came from, you are the same girl who was drinking diesel directly from the truck.   

8 - 48 year pollination choose maleness girl for a marriage, her mother telling him that you can kill us some other easy way why you need this ugly manliness wife to do the job.     

7 - here the girl says that i will destroy you, boy says i wanted to get destroyed, then girl said that then quickly give me your credit card / atm pin  

6 -  Shree telling her not to make a face, and brock lesiner saying that he feels plucking in side the ring when he saw her ugly face. 

5 - Shree is a great believer not trusting in Ghosts and Which-es but after looking at surbhi's behavior he want to actually start believing in it. hahahaha   

4 - Shree making fun of Surbhi, because she challenging his ability of bowling fast.

3 -  angry Lady abusing legendary Under Taker, Taker silently thinking that he would not  go INDIA 30 years back then this day wouldn't came.   

2 - Girl warning Brock that, do not  abuse otherwise she will break his face. Brock Replied that first you (she) repair your (her) broken face then attempt on him. hahaha 

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