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The next big thing Netflix | Fully Explained


Hello friends we here and watch Netflix ads. There are many people around this world who don’t know about this company. Here in this short article I will explain about the Netflix Company. Lets learn how this system works and why this product can be a next big thing.

Netflix The Next Big Thing

First of all let me tell you that, Netflix is a online service provider company. Now one question will come to your mind that, there are several television channels in the market. So how is Netflix is different from them and why it is so special.

So friends here I have a simple answer of this question is that when you watch a TV. You don’t have the choice of picking up and watching a program. You have to watch the program + advertise which enabled in that program. Yes you can change the channel but you can’t skip the ads. Or you can’t adjust show time of a particular program.

Guys when we talk about the Netflix video streaming. This product gives you the power of choosing. You can watch pure content without commercials. Plus you can manage the program schedule according your needs.         

The Netflix service is currently started in India. You can pick a basic subscription and start watching your favorite TV shows and movies. Let’s learn more about this wonderful service.

What is Netflix service?

It is a world’s number one online internet based video streaming service. This company currently is serving in more than 190 countries. It has more than 109 million paid customers.

Netflix on TV

Yes it is possible but you must need to buy a smart TV. If you have non smart tv than you need to buy some connecter gadget which is available in online market. You can purchase it for $5 to $10 dollars. The device name is chrome cast. There are also many other brand available.

Is Netflix free or paid?

This product has some free plans and some paid plans. If you willing to enjoy quality programs then, you have to pay some basic money. It is just like a cable rent. You can buy HD or ultra HD plans with a different rate PM.    

Why Netflix is expensive?

Guys this service will cost you more because it runs over the internet. You must have a smart tv or a smart phone. Or else you need a chrome cast. It has a huge verity and class in terms of quality entertainment but if you can’t afford extra spending then this product is not for you.

What kind of speed I need to play Netflix on my smart TV / Phone

0.5 Mbps – broadband speed – minimum  
1.5 Mbps –broadband speed – recommended
3.0 Mbps – for SD quality picture
5 Mbps – for HD quality picture
25 Mbps – for Ultra HD quality picture

Finally – The market of online video streaming is being lead by the Netflix. This is the entertainment of the next generation. Day by day people are getting subscription of this online video streaming service. You may find this product expensive today but as the time goes on, this service will take place of cable Tv because it gives batter entertainment quality according to users’ needs, so guys that was it for video streaming service Netflix. If you have any question regarding this product, feel free to discuss it in the comment section. Thanks for reading this short article. Do not forget subscribe our blog. Thanks.              

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