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Online data entry jobs from home



Friends if anyone wants to live a boss free life, if anyone wishes to work from home. Then data entry jobs are the best method for making online money. This kind of jobs is suitable for old age person, students or house wives. But let me clarify that working man or young working woman also can do this job. Remember one thing job is a job, it doesn’t matter where you sit and how you do it. Now let’s come to the point. In order to start online data entry job you need basic typing skills plus internet surfing knowledge. Online job’s biggest requirements are two things; one is the computer and second is a working internet connection. That will be all. Now you are ready to go.

data entry jobs

12 Types of Top Data Entry Jobs (Online & Offline)  

1 – Simple plain data entry jobs

This kind of projects is very easy to handle. You just need basic typing qualification. Some job providers may ask for speed WPM, If you are good at reading English and if your spelling ability is better than average. Then surely you can start plain data entry jobs work. If you wish to get this kind of legit jobs then you can subscribe our blog. We will send best paying plain data entry job quires to you. in this kind of project you will be provided readable document, and your job will be to create a word document from it. link

2 – Advance data entry

This kind job requires some advance skills. Don’t panic it doesn’t need rocket science knowledge. For example some client asks for calculate and feed an Excel worksheet, or any special docs or software. In this kind of jobs you will be given a special instructions list. This kind of projects pay little bit more than simple data typing jobs. You can charge your client $3 to $5 a page or small project.

3 – Words processing creativity

In this kind of task you need some kind of command over language, If you have a good knowledge of making charts, creating graphics, writing a cover letter or narrations then surely you can take up this kind of high paying data entry jobs. Keep one thing in your mind that your current work will play a huge role in your future projects. If satisfy one client then you will get better rating and better ratings means more business more money. Here I want to make a point that do not take projects in a hurry, carefully read and understand your clients requirement, work according to them and enjoy success.

4 – Form filling jobs

This job is quite easy. In this kind of project your client will give you a database and form feeling software. Your job will be to fill up the basic data of a party in the form. There are many online companies provide this kind of jobs. You can start this work if you can carefully fill up forms.

5- Online survey jobs

This is another grate way of making easy online money. Is you don’t know what is survey then read this paragraph carefully. Big companies are willing to know needs and likings of consumers. That is the reason why they run a survey. Normally they don’t have time or expertise in such technicalities that is why they go to some establish survey companies. Now the survey companies create surveys and invite people to fill them. In this situation people do not wish to give their opinion for free. That is the reason why survey companies pay some cash reward to survey worker. If you wish to get real survey jobs then you must visit clix sense website.

6 – Captcha entry jobs

This online job is very easy. You have to see the image and write given text and alphabets in the box and submit. You will be paid per 1000 captcha. This job doesn’t required any special talent.

7 – Simple copy paste

Friends if you have Basic English reading knowledge, If you can run a computer, Then you can easily handle this job. Companies or big firms sometime wishes to transport or move their data, now due to large amount of content they outsource this kind of lengthy work to data process companies. In this situation data solution companies hire data operator and they also hire free lance data operator. You can find this kind of work from fiverr or upwork.

8 – Proof reading jobs

If you are expert in English or any other language, then you can get proof reading jobs. In this work you have to edit and remove grammatical errors of a piece of content. You can find this kind of job at political groups, companies or at freelance websites.

9 – Convert content jobs

Sometime we take a picture we wish to change a background of that image. Or sometime we shoot a video and we want to add a music or voice over to that clip, or we need to change a format of that thing. So in this case we need a specialist tech guy who can perform this kind of task. So point is that if you have a basic photo editing, video editing or graphics handling skills, then you can get this kind of jobs online very easily. Just go to some freelance website, crate an attractive profile &start working. You may find it difficult in starting. But as time goes on, your job profile will get a boost and you will make some good amount of money.

10 – Audio to text job

Article writing is not an easy task. Many firms and companies record interviews and lectures. They wish to write-down this kind of stuff and store as a text base document. In this case they outsource audio to text work. Simply in this situation you will get a audio or a video files. After that they need to hear that thing very carefully and write-down it in a word file. This work needs some advance language skills because catching words and writing it is not a simple task. here is the link for this work

11 – Email processing jobs

This is one of the best high paying online jobs around the internet. Creating a targeted audience email list, Sending mails, answering queries, plus managing Email database is a one hell of a task. You can make living out of this kind of jobs. Even if you are running a business or a blog then still Email marketing can be a game changer. It can drive huge traffic and bring up clients to your product. This jobs was popular in the past, it is useful In the present and it will be there in the future. link for this kind of work

12 – Write content for others

We all know that blog content can be monetized. But believe me it takes real time. Sometime we can’t afford long time. We need urgent cash. In that kind of a situation we can write a blog post for some popular blogs or website. You can get money for your original written content. Normally clients pay per words. If you wish to start this job, you can contact any establish website blog via their contact us option. Normally you can find this option in every professional blog. Just study their blog post which are already posted. Create a demo post and write an e mail to them. 10 out of 7 website blogs will replay you for sure, If you have some good quality writing skills. link for this kind of job             
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