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Digital marketing 6 figure income formula


Making online money is never easy. There are so many huddles before doing this work. Believe me if you work smart then there is a huge potential in this business. Remember one fact that sooner or later you become what you think. If you willing to earn 100k a month then you can one day achieve that goal. Here in this short article we are going to discuss about social media marketing and digital marketing. Nowadays there are billions and billions of people use daily base internet. Many people waste their time surfing and chatting on the internet, but the smart guys make millions of these free fruitful traffic source sites.

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What is the digital marketing?  

This field is totally different from physical marketing. In this field you can reach any client of this world who is connected with the internet. You can utilize social media website like Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social gathering sites. In this method you can publish photos & videos and testimonials. Make a attractive presentation, explain your product or services via social media and get a sale. That is all.

How to find clients online?

This is very easy. Suppose you are running a fitness JIM. What will be your needs? Paid members? Business, inquires isn’t it? So here is the point. Every business owner looks for a growth. If you can bring clients to them, if you can make their problem solve they defiantly willing to pay you.
Hold it guys, this is not that easy. Let me tell you nobody loves to pay upfront. If you want to earn a client, then you have to convince them. Show your skills; give them a result for free. Then demand cash for your services. I will explain this point in a very much easiest manner so stay connected with this article.

What next after finding a client?

Now you got the client. Your client has given a deal that if you give him result, he will pay you. Now it’s time to action. What you will do, how to make clients business exposure. So here is the tip for you.

Ask your client about his business social accounts. Remember if you are managing social accounts of for your clients then do not share passwords and other login details until you get your payments.

Now suppose your client doesn’t have any social account for the business. now your job is to create one. Make a facebook fan page. Create a instagram account. Make a twitter account. And start posting regular product details. This will increase following. Spend a 1 month doing this work. Now it is a time to talk to your client.

You can show your work that you done for him. Now next big question is that social accounts running and growing, but clients not coming. Remember you only can charge if you give clients or business to your client. Let me explain this point

Keep marketing but no sales    

If you are a social media agent running clients account. Then you will face this major issue several times, your client is not getting business. Therefore he will not give you a dime. If this issue occurs then you are targeting wrong audience.

Ask your client for paid traffic, a targeted paid traffic. Not this is hard point. Your client will not be ready spending money upfront. It will be your skill convincing your client to spent little amount of money. You can show him some successful ad campaign testimonial and give him confidence that, His money will not go waste.   
Suppose your client convinced spending $500 dollar for marketing a business. Now you got some cash to play with. You can run some $5 dollar paid campaign daily on facebook. Plus you also can hire a instagram accounts for a business advertise shout out.

Most imp before spending client’s money

Now remember that, you got the money from client. It is not your earning. This money is like a investment. You have to earn some good return from this money. Otherwise your client will not going to give you another contract.

So the bottom-line is that, learn how to spend money on ads, you have to target audience, right age group and then spend it in small amounts. You can also be a spy for your client. You can tell them that what his niche competitors doing to grow their businesses.

Now suppose that your client getting some leads or he got some business. This is the right time to tell your client that $500 for marketing your business and $500 my fees. This is how you can get the trust of your client and join the business league.

Handle your clients smartly

You can only make money from your client until you manage your business monopoly. If you explain whole game plan, your client will start work his own. He will not pay a dime for your services. That is the reason you must maintain your business skills privacy.

Just approach the client. Give him free offer. Produce the result / business. ask his opinion about your given services. Make your client happy and then demand your work fees. You also can demand service + percentage of sales. Let me explain this point with an example.

Mr. A is running a hotel in London. I booked him as my client. Now he is happy with my services. I am getting $500 dollar for managing & marketing ads cost, plus $500 my service fees. Now with this work he is getting approximately monthly 10 clients with my services. Suppose per client he is making $250 and with the 10 client he is making around $2500 dollar earning.

So now in this case I can arrange a meeting with him. And tell him that, I can increase your sales if I get a 10% flat commission per client. Means is he makes 250 then he pays me $25 commission, Simple as that.

Means if I give him 10 extra clients he can earn another $2500 dollar and I get $250 dollar extra commission. This is how you can grow your social media agency business.  
You can make this kind of written contract with your client. This business is very fruitful. If you got some talking skills and social media management skills then you can make some good amount of money.

As a start up you can target small clients, you just get the confidence talking to clients. Show consent provides free value to your clients. They will automatically fall as your paid clients. There is no rocket science.  

Social media marketing agency work summery  

Believe yourself. Learn basic internet. Exercise social media account creating and managing. Find a solid niche. Approach a client. Intrudes yourself, Explain your work and tell what they can get if they become your client. Give them free value. Start Work for them “FREE”. Give them business with your skills. Win their confidence to convince them spend for paid advertise. 

Now demand your fees for regular services. Friends this is how social media marketing agency can be successful. The simple keyword of success in this field is, show your skills give them a result / business and demand your fees. Thanks for reading this article. 
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